insta quilt

the slender, under-resourced attention span that lives in my head is stretched to snapping point some days. blog posts feel more like uni assignments. Instagram, my undemanding love, you have seduced and won me away from WordPress! even Facebook, my second best friend, is more alluring than the naggy, whiny, “feed me, Seymour!” blog.
I still love you, blog, honestly I do, but OH the gratification from IG and FB is so cheap and easy!

what say you, interweb friends? has micro blogging sucked you in and left your old, faithful blog alone at home on Friday nights with a $5 bottle of red?
or are you in it for the long haul, gleefully watching your archive list fill more and more of your sidebar every month?

here’s what I instagrammed today…

my many tubs of fabric scraps are being sliced and diced into 3″ and 4″ squares. those little piles of squares will neatly sleep in tidy boxes awaiting my sudden, urgent desire to sew them into scrap quilts. when the iron is hot, my tiny scrap of attention has to strike!


Quilters have long known that stripping is fun! There are many great quilt patterns that first call for you to cut all your fabric into long skinny strips.
Quilters are also SMART and have figured out that the whole process is much MORE fun if someone else has done the cutting!
Hence, the phenomenon of pre-cut 2 1/2″ strips.

Here are the first Pompom Rouge Baby Jellies -
twenty precut 2 1/2″ strips in colourway ‘heaven & earth’
gentle blues, soft gray, aqua, pistachio and lime