I actually did some tidying up around here recently (!!!!) and the Sara Lee Dust (layer upon layer upon layer) inspired me to make the commitment to myself that there will be no new containers come into this house EVER again that don’t have lids!
In the spirit of my new-found obsession with dust-prevention, today I made myself a new pincushion.
No more dusty pins and, when the lid is on, it even looks cute :)




Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a winner! The pretty lady with red hair in the front row – Erilyn!! Cheer cheer clap clap! I used a random number generator (so much easier than cutting out all the names on pieces of paper!). Thanks everyone who entered. It was so nice to have y’all at the party :D

In 24 hours I will be flying to New Zealand. I am going over there to help my sister, Meredith, sell her felt craft stuff at a couple of craft fairs. So I have been sewing more samples and sorting clothes. It’s been hot here for the last few days 28 – 30 degrees C (during the day, anyway. Tracey will tell you that it’s been very cold at night! North Queenslanders don’t like a bit of chill! )so New Zealand is going to be a bit of a shock. While I brace myself, you can have a look at this little pin cushion I added to the sample pile yesterday. It’s one of Meredith’s felt doileys with dots and flowers and some colonial knots made with a beautiful variegated embroidery cotton yarn. I sewed the doiley to a cushion made out of my son’s old flannel school shorts and whip-stitched the edge. I just love playing with colours!

These little felt dots are really cool. They are only 1/4″ round and I want to put them on everything. I’m plotting and planning some kits…

ps: did you see the pinwheel tutorial? it’s there at the top of the sidebar. There will be others to join it soon. Oh, I have plans you know, clever plans and cunning schemes :)