guess what…

yesterday I sent an email out to all of our customers that said this…

“Last week a number of stars aligned and, as a consequence,we have decided to close the shop.
This is such a huge decision but it’s one that has come easily and happily because it means the beginning of some new adventures for both of us.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support and friendship over the three and a half years that pompom rouge has been our home away from home!”

so, what will I be doing next?

“After I have a really loooooong sleep, I will be catching up on about 3 1/2 years worth of housework…
…but that excitement can’t sustain a girl for long, so I will soon be launching a new business that has been brewing in the back of my mind for a couple of years.
It is still in the sew-stitch-quilt-make line of things and I have begun designing and sourcing product already – yes, I will be designing again!
Soon, when I show you stuff that I’m making like this…

.. and you ask,”Is there a kit for that?” the answer will be YES!
My new business is SO new that it doesn’t have a name yet.”

You’ll hear all about here! I have missed blogging and being part of the online world and I can’t wait to get back into it with gusto. I also can’t wait to see more of my husband and maybe even to get to travel with him.

Having the shop has been an amazing time in my life. I thought that I pretty much knew what was in store for me when I opened it but there was one big surprise – I didn’t expect to make so many friends! Every day has been a tea party and that’s a rather nice way to live.
But I don’t have any sadness about leaving it behind. I’m proud to say that my list of goals has been ticked off, my repertoire of life skills has expanded and the gypsy heart inside me is thrilled by the promise of what’s to come.
I always have been a very good starter ;)”

moral of story – knit faster than you shop

i looked up on one of the storage shelves in the shop this morning and spied my box of wollmeise yarn.
i really need to knit some more of this stuff because, well, there’s rather a bunch of it in that box.
i did a bit of a stocktake… and had a photo sesh…

and played with some colour combinations… and the result is rather a lot of promised-to-myself knitting.
there will be a cardigan made out of this

maybe this or this or this. Or even this. sooooo many cute cardies on ravelry. all gets a bit overwhelming to be honest.

this one is a ‘definite’ plan though… this shawl made from these…

favourite things

i’m a partial lefty.
some stuff i just can not do with my right hand and using scissors is one of them.
i wouldn’t be able to cut my way out of a wet paperbag with my right hand.

i trained myself to use right-handed scissors with my left hand many years ago and i’m pretty good at it goddamit. in fact, i’m SO good at it that it’s taken me ages to get used to these. they are my left-handed ginghers and they are precious.

mine. don’t touch.
this is a photo of two of my favourite things – my tattoo (sick of hearing about it yet?) and my ginghers.
and instagram is one of my favourite things, too, so that’s THREE of my favourite things. woooo!


i have finished (only two days late!) my latest Twelve by Twelve quilt.
the theme was ‘metamorphosis’ and the spectacular quilts produced by my eleven friends are all up on our blog now.
we have changed our format to 20″ x 12″ for this, our last year of Twelve by Twelve. I LOVED working in this new size but i grossly underestimated how long it would take me to do all this hand stitching. three solid days of it.

Metamorphosis? Start at the bottom…
Building blocks,stem cells,foundation,a sound base of ideas, information,potential.
There begins a bubbling, fizzing, effervescence, a stirring,movement.
Reaching out, evolving, aspiring, cell growth, development.
Fruition, birth, display, expression, achievement, celebration.

the sequins don’t show too well in the full image; the detail shots should show them better (they are only in the gray sections at the bottom so don’t go blind trying to find them at the top!). nor does this quilt want to be photographed well… aaaiiieee!!! can’t get a good, clear image… although it may be that my camera is dying…

sorry Mum

so here, dears, is the metamorphosis that i underwent this week in sydney. (some of it anyway – if you are desperate to see the whole thing, email me)
this was an extraordinary experience made more special by the artist who made it happen.
Megan was my primary school friend – we were in every class together except for the first. we hadn’t seen one another since we were ten years old and i remembered her as a talented, smart girl with long blonde hair like a princess. she is still the same but even more and i loved her all over again. thank you, Megan xxx

i have waited two years to get this tattoo. it took time to be ready, time to be sure. i was more than ready and more than sure when i went to Megan and now i can say that i love this and i am so pleased to have it. it’s so hard to articulate, but it somehow changes you…

Peter, you are a gift in my life that i am constantly grateful for. i know how much you love me and i know that i will see you roll your eyes at me for another thirty years (and more) whenever i say “Pete, I’ve been thinking…”