hello, little suitcase!

These days it’s all about the storage at my house. My self-declared mission for 2012 was to de-clutter and, although progress has been slow, it has been steadyish. As practical as the plastic boxes are, they are soooo boring. Now I’m permanently on the lookout for more interesting alternatives.

Today I found this cute little suitcase. It’s in pretty good nick and it’s also a good size. Great for fat quarters, I’m thinking.

The beautiful fabric that I’ve glued on top of the case is amazing. It’s unused yardage from the 1940′s; lovely and unmarked and not even a  little bit faded. BUT it’s a little too fragile to risk putting lots of sewing effort into. I’ve had it for a while now and each time I’ve planned to sew it, I remember that it’s going rotten and it will probably just tear. So, on the spur of the moment this afternoon, I grabbed the scissors and cut into it before I had time to talk myself out of it! A piece is now glued to the top of this case. And I love it.Image

cheep cheep

Egg cups make the cutest pin cushions! Just cut a circle of fabric, run a gathering thread around the edge, pull it up and pack it with stuffing. Pull tight, tie off the ends and jam it into the opening of the egg cup. I put some craft glue on the inside edge of the egg cup to hold it in place, but often you don’t even need to do that. I also added a lace trim to this one – stopped it looking like a weird spotty bald head and made it more of a weird spotty hat. How vacuous does that chicken look? No brain, no pain?