I actually did some tidying up around here recently (!!!!) and the Sara Lee Dust (layer upon layer upon layer) inspired me to make the commitment to myself that there will be no new containers come into this house EVER again that don’t have lids!
In the spirit of my new-found obsession with dust-prevention, today I made myself a new pincushion.
No more dusty pins and, when the lid is on, it even looks cute :)



cheep cheep

Egg cups make the cutest pin cushions! Just cut a circle of fabric, run a gathering thread around the edge, pull it up and pack it with stuffing. Pull tight, tie off the ends and jam it into the opening of the egg cup. I put some craft glue on the inside edge of the egg cup to hold it in place, but often you don’t even need to do that. I also added a lace trim to this one – stopped it looking like a weird spotty bald head and made it more of a weird spotty hat. How vacuous does that chicken look? No brain, no pain?