hello, little suitcase!

These days it’s all about the storage at my house. My self-declared mission for 2012 was to de-clutter and, although progress has been slow, it has been steadyish. As practical as the plastic boxes are, they are soooo boring. Now I’m permanently on the lookout for more interesting alternatives.

Today I found this cute little suitcase. It’s in pretty good nick and it’s also a good size. Great for fat quarters, I’m thinking.

The beautiful fabric that I’ve glued on top of the case is amazing. It’s unused yardage from the 1940′s; lovely and unmarked and not even a  little bit faded. BUT it’s a little too fragile to risk putting lots of sewing effort into. I’ve had it for a while now and each time I’ve planned to sew it, I remember that it’s going rotten and it will probably just tear. So, on the spur of the moment this afternoon, I grabbed the scissors and cut into it before I had time to talk myself out of it! A piece is now glued to the top of this case. And I love it.Image

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8 thoughts on “hello, little suitcase!

  1. Oh ….. I love it . Few things inspire wantiness as much as vintage material and this is one of the nicest pieces I’ve seen for a long time !
    Could you perhaps laquer/varnish over the material , once it’s totally dry , to protect it ?

  2. Fabulous!! Little suitcase looks amazing! The grey covering & cream handle are so perfectly complemented by your retro fabric!! Your bravery well rewarded!!

  3. absolutely gorgeous, you are so right – plastic containers are fairly boring especially when our fabric stashes are on the rather large side. looks like I’ll be looking at suitcases and boxes in a different way now.

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