dying at midnight

Well, maybe it’s not midnight yet, but it IS very late and, instead of sleeping, here I am dying wool with food colouring. It’s so easy, so gratifying and so cheap! Three goals! WINNER!!
This is destined to be a crocheted granny hexagon blanket. Lurve them sooo much!


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13 thoughts on “dying at midnight

  1. These coulours look so … appetizing, that I would run for my crochet … but I wonder how they stand in the sun and when the wool is washed ???
    I wish you a nice day …

    • Not sure about the fading (but it’s for a blanket anyway and we are in the tropics so avoid sunlight coming in the windows!) but it’s very much colour fast ! I heat set in the microwave and it doesn’t lose any colour after that.

    • It is like magic! I don’t try too hard to control the colour and love variation so it’s almost potluck :)

  2. welcome back to blogland!!! I’ve missed you xx What’s happening ?? Been a few months since we’ve all heard from you – and now of course I’m a LONG way away … can’t even drop in anymore for a quick visit … do tell!!!

    • Hey there, Rhonda! How are you?? Life is good here – much more peaceful and I have some freedom back ;P I’ve kind of been in holiday mode but for the past two weeks or so I have started to seriously plan the Next thing. Are you working where you expected to be?

      • I’m alive and well Kirsty!! Survived the move … just! Still have boxes to unpack – life busy as I’ve ever known it and little free time – unlike you!! Yes working where I ‘expected to be’ :) Sewco in Mount Gravatt – benches full of sewing and embroidery machines – shelves full of fabrics – walls full of habby – and days full of meeting like minded souls – long hours but rewarding! Looking forward to you revealing your ‘Next’ thing :) and keeping in touch more!!! Life is goooooood!! xxx

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