cheep cheep

Egg cups make the cutest pin cushions! Just cut a circle of fabric, run a gathering thread around the edge, pull it up and pack it with stuffing. Pull tight, tie off the ends and jam it into the opening of the egg cup. I put some craft glue on the inside edge of the egg cup to hold it in place, but often you don’t even need to do that. I also added a lace trim to this one – stopped it looking like a weird spotty bald head and made it more of a weird spotty hat. How vacuous does that chicken look? No brain, no pain?

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15 thoughts on “cheep cheep

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  2. Oh my goodness! I found your blog through …. Thread Story, I think it was. I love your blog and wish you much success with the exciting endeavour of your new shop!

    However, I had to tell you that my Beloved Spouse and I had a good chuckle when we saw the name of your blog. In the West Indies, a “pom-pom” is a collquial name for, well… female genitals. And pom-pom rouge – well! *chuckle*

    Anyway – I will totally understand if you want to delete this comment once you read it – and I’ll never mention it again on future visits – but from readng your blog – it seems like you have a sense of humour and I thought you’d enjoy the joke! :)


    • You’re right – I think that’s pretty funny!!! When I chose the name I wondered if it sounded too much like a bordello or a burlesque show. I decided there was nothing wrong with a bit of sauce every now and then! Thanks for the wishes :D K

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