Yay! Free stuff!!

*edited 29 June* The pinwheel tutorial is here! Top left of the sidebar is a section “how to make stuff” and the tutorial is in there. Have fun making pinwheels :D

Here’s what happened to the doiley/doyley/doilie! (yes, it appears I am not the only person who spells it differently every time I write it!).
I really like these little pinwheels. They are a great way to carry pins around with you to classes and such because the pins don’t stick you and they don’t fall out either. I’m writing a tutorial for you that will be available soon.

But, wait…this one is free to a good home (yes, Maddy, there is a Santa). You know the drill, leave a comment between now and Monday night (that’s Tuesday Monday morning if you live on the Other Side of the World!) and I will do a little draw. I’ve added some vintage buttons (how cute is that duck?!), the pretty yellow print that I found a few days ago (Thrift Shop Fragrance free of charge) and a yard each of these beautiful vintage trims to the package.

I get confused by all of those “leave a comment -1 chance” “post a link – 2 chances” “tell me I’m pretty – 3675 chances” type draws, so here’s the dealio…

…just leave a comment and you’re in!

If you want to show me that you love me and think I’m cute you could also update your link to this blog :P

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46 thoughts on “Yay! Free stuff!!

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  2. Tee hee! My mother has a pinwheel like yours that she made for a 3rd class sewing project in 1957. She’s still using it!!

  3. I am always a bit tentative when spelling ‘doily’doiley’ as well, but I only have two versions to vacillate between. The pinwheel is such a good idea and so cute!! Please write a tutorial soon!!

  4. You’re awesome.

    And i’m saying that even though i’m also going to add, if you draw me, redraw for someone who will use these things, as I will only admire them, then lose them.

    But you are pretty awesome.

  5. Now you’ve got me questioning how I usually spell doilie/ey/yley! Oh well I guess it doesn’t matter when its that cute!

  6. Lovely stuff indeed! I did not find so much crafty at fleamarkets, only some unused buttons and a couple of doilies… Love to see all the blogs again after a couple of weeks! Have a nice weekend!

  7. I was going to say I made one of those for a Grade 3 sewing class in Australia (outside under the gumtrees no less) but it wasn’t in 1957 LOL, umm mid 70s I suppose. Anyway from memory it started with a Kellogs cereal box? Now that I am teaching my 10 year old I have had this project on my mind, so funny that I should read this blog today. Yours is very pretty and so is your new space!

  8. What a fantastic use for a doily! The vintage bits are wonderful as well – LOVE the strawberry trim and that ducky button!

  9. I LOVE that duckie button – and you know you have a special place in my heart!! I think someone keeps all the pretty buttons in the thrift shops here in Palmerston North :-(
    Have updated your blog link too.

  10. Well, who am I not to enter a lovely competition thrown by a lovely, pretty, charming Scrabble-maestro. Even if I’m sure it would be a waste of good crafty stuff if I won.

  11. Gorgeous!! Please count me in – I am looking forward to the tutorial.
    thanks for sharing your lovely, craft ideas with us!

  12. Love the look of the pincushion – will definately be trying the tutorial if I’m not the lucky one. Good luck with the new venture – so good for the soul to be fed!!

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