insta quilt

the slender, under-resourced attention span that lives in my head is stretched to snapping point some days. blog posts feel more like uni assignments. Instagram, my undemanding love, you have seduced and won me away from WordPress! even Facebook, my second best friend, is more alluring than the naggy, whiny, “feed me, Seymour!” blog.
I still love you, blog, honestly I do, but OH the gratification from IG and FB is so cheap and easy!

what say you, interweb friends? has micro blogging sucked you in and left your old, faithful blog alone at home on Friday nights with a $5 bottle of red?
or are you in it for the long haul, gleefully watching your archive list fill more and more of your sidebar every month?

here’s what I instagrammed today…

my many tubs of fabric scraps are being sliced and diced into 3″ and 4″ squares. those little piles of squares will neatly sleep in tidy boxes awaiting my sudden, urgent desire to sew them into scrap quilts. when the iron is hot, my tiny scrap of attention has to strike!

hello, little suitcase!

These days it’s all about the storage at my house. My self-declared mission for 2012 was to de-clutter and, although progress has been slow, it has been steadyish. As practical as the plastic boxes are, they are soooo boring. Now I’m permanently on the lookout for more interesting alternatives.

Today I found this cute little suitcase. It’s in pretty good nick and it’s also a good size. Great for fat quarters, I’m thinking.

The beautiful fabric that I’ve glued on top of the case is amazing. It’s unused yardage from the 1940′s; lovely and unmarked and not even a  little bit faded. BUT it’s a little too fragile to risk putting lots of sewing effort into. I’ve had it for a while now and each time I’ve planned to sew it, I remember that it’s going rotten and it will probably just tear. So, on the spur of the moment this afternoon, I grabbed the scissors and cut into it before I had time to talk myself out of it! A piece is now glued to the top of this case. And I love it.Image

Truth in advertising

So my son, the cynical loather of Instagram (I can hardly express the depth of my love for Instagram! ), groans every time he sees me take a photo.
“anyone looking at your blog would think we live in a magazine. All you do is take photos of the pretty bits amongst the squalor”, he said.
I can’t argue with that. So in the spirit of honesty and disclosure, this one is for Clancy.


you spin me right round, baby

everywhere I look right now I see circles.
this weekend is Southern Cross Quilters’ retreat in Townsville and i will be teaching two classes – machine applique and how to sew perfect circles.

i’m so looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting some new ones!

i hope you are all ready -
there will be no chattering in my classroom, just hard work and lots of it!


I actually did some tidying up around here recently (!!!!) and the Sara Lee Dust (layer upon layer upon layer) inspired me to make the commitment to myself that there will be no new containers come into this house EVER again that don’t have lids!
In the spirit of my new-found obsession with dust-prevention, today I made myself a new pincushion.
No more dusty pins and, when the lid is on, it even looks cute :)



dying at midnight

Well, maybe it’s not midnight yet, but it IS very late and, instead of sleeping, here I am dying wool with food colouring. It’s so easy, so gratifying and so cheap! Three goals! WINNER!!
This is destined to be a crocheted granny hexagon blanket. Lurve them sooo much!